Thursday, April 7, 2011

theres this kid..

..who is currently galavanting around the world, stealing blueberry bagels, sleeping on randoms couches, looking like a hobo, spending what looked like a very damn long time at hogwarts - and loooving it and just having the time of his life.. now this kid is one of the most entertaining, hilarious, random, honest, genuine dudes on the planet - so you could imagine how this makes poor little, stuck at home, got no money to jump on a plane, Hollie feel.. pretty craaap.

However, this top deck guy (blonde hair, RANGA beard.. which makes me think - what colour are his pu... yeah.) looks like he is having the most insane time, assumption gathered from all the self portraits he has taken (BEST!!) and it's so true, you really don't have a clue what you've got until its gone. You really don't know how much that thing/person means to you until you can't see it/them whenever the heck you want.. ping chat just doesn't quite cut it..

Now, I have had some moments in life that have made me say that I will never take the ones I love for granted, but really - what does that even mean? I can't possibly call everyone I love every single day, I can't send them flowers once a week and I sure as hell can't afford to buy them all gifts..

So here is my tight arse solution..
to write a blog to the ones I love..
(which let me tell you - if I've met you, or spoken to you - I love you.. even if I haven't met you, or your a dude stuck in jail for stealing bagels..) and tell them that I think they are incredible..

pointless blog, Hollie!! maybe.
take from it what you will.. but just know that you have a spot in my heart, maybe big or maybe small.. but regardless - it's a spot.. and if you weren't around - life would suck a little bit..

There we have it - another random blog, wasting precious moments of your life.. I won't lie - I don't really care, because know you know how I feel about you.. unless you haven't read this. crap. didn't think about that one..

plan b.

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